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Still working and building retirement assets?
  • Ever wonder if you have enough money to retire?

  • Or what the tax impact would be if you spent some of your retirement plan assets today?
Are you concerned about generating enough retirement income?
  • If you are nearing retirement, have you thought about what percentage of your retirement income should be guaranteed?
  • Or what targeted rates-of-return may be appropriate for your long-term retirement investing?
Our interactive tools and educational movies may help you find answers to these important questions.
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The Tools
tnt calculator
NextPhase™ Questionnaire


Different investment vehicles offer different outcomes. There are also numerous ways to combine investment products to generate retirement income. This calculator may help you determine your personal need for predictable retirement income.


rollover or spend calculator
Rollover or Spend Calculator

Rollover or Spend?

You may have accumulated retirement assets in a company-sponsored 401(k) or other retirement plan. If you are thinking about spending all or some of this money to pay bills you should first consider the long-term impact to your financial security. The long range effect can be dramatic. To see the impact of rolling over versus spending today, click the button below.


do I have enough calculator
Do I Have Enough Calculator

Do I Have Enough?

Have you ever wondered if you will have enough money to meet your expenses in retirement? Have you taken a detailed approach to determining your essential versus discretionary expenses? Try the calculator to get a rough idea of how much capital you will need to meet expenses.


seminar for one
Seminar for One™

Seminar for One™

The Power of an IRA Rollover

View Movie

The IRA Rollover: Options to Consider

View Movie


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